Women’s Day Event

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Women’s Day Event

If you were a star and had a leading role, what would you do?

“You need to present the Right Image & Look the Role.”

Suunil Kini & Lataa Seth from Image Gurukul presented to 16 wonderful women of a leading IT Infrastructure company, how they can transform themselves to “Be the Heroine of their lives” this Women’s day March 8, 2016.

From the concept of what’s an Image to developing Professional Visual Credibility(PVC), Suunil Kini elucidated the importance of a professional Image at the workplace and its effect on self-confidence.

Then came the serious fun part ….Lataa demonstrated various ways to enhance your outfit with basic accessories for an instant transformation. Her demos of Make-up and Saree draping  were captivating …the ladies were star-struck literally.

A wonderful afternoon spent in the company of a truly amazing group of women having fun.

A Woman plays varied roles in her lifetime…if you had one part to play in a movie…what would that be? Do write in your comments below. Follow us on Facebook & LinkedIn to know more about our customised programs. For more pictures click visit our Gallery.