Women’s Day Event – Part 2

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Women’s Day Event – Part 2

In continuation with the Women’s Day celebrations, Suunil Kini and Lataa Seth conducted a Master-class in “Sari draping and Make-up for workplace” for a group of 50 ladies of a large Financial services company and one of the biggest client of Image Gurukul on March 9, 2016.

Suunil Kini elucidated the role of women in the current millennium and also the women power existing in Image Gurukul .

“Women’s day is not only for a day or a month. It is every day of the year”

Make-up has always been a fascination for women and piques our curiosity. How much is too much or too little, the right products, the do’s and don’ts, benefits of make-up and many more such queries were adeptly explained by Lataa. The right way to drape a sari. Sari draping for several occasions as well as right sari combination for workplace were also demonstrated.

For instant feedback it’s the demo’s….where women watch starry eyed as one of their colleague undergoes a complete transformation. It’s that point in our sessions where we know how effective the whole program has been.

How does make-up affect your self-confidence? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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