Professionalism and Ethics in the Banking Industry

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Professionalism and Ethics in the Banking Industry

Suunil Kini¬†conducted the second session of the Leadership Development Program for Chief Managers of a PSU Bank as a part of their Leadership conclave. The participants were from across India. The session was titled “Professionalism and Ethics in the Banking Industry”.

The session covered discussion on the use of right resources available to a Leader to create an impact and build a ‘Professional Brand’. Other facets of professionalism like Etiquette, Adaptability, Interpersonal skills, Working in Teams and Leading by example were covered with specific focus on Communication Skills.

A Discussion on Ethics at workplace together with Managing ethics was covered and focus on workplace harassment and how to address them by setting ethical leadership standards were covered too. The session ended with a quote “If you want to test the character of a person, give the person, Power”.





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