Pat on the back

Dear Anooba M’am,

I met you post your Group Discussion & Personal Interview session¬†Mumbai. I got placed with Kotak Mahindra Bank, just felt like sharing the news with you. I remember you saying that my personality seems to go in sync with a bank ūüôā Kotak was the first bank I applied for because you said that day that working with a bank shall be a nice experience. I value your guidance. It actually worked for me & I got selected. I’ve¬†got the asset management profile. Thank you so much for your wishes & guidance. I shall be in touch¬†

Vrinda РStudent of a B-school in Mumbai where Image Gurukul conducted a series of sessions in October 2015 titled TRAIN YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS : DEVELOP A COMPETITIVE EDGE for students before their final placement Interviews.

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B-school student from Mumbai

Dear Suunil,

It gives me immense pleasure to sincerely acknowledge you on the cutting edge Evening Talk arranged by BMA yesterday on “Managing One’s Image-Making First Impressions Count “. Your presentation was highly interactive, insightful & with valid real life examples that align with the present responsible Image Building required in all of us based on which business practices will enhance upon.
This is something that all of us in the audience can never afford to forget; particularly in today’s super-competitive & demanding workplace.
Thank you for a most engaging talk. You have challenged each of us to help build the reputation seamlessly on the mantra of LOC of an indispensable support arm to any business by developing a reputation for reliability and fairness.
I should consider it a great privilege to have met Anooba at the venue and for the wonderful interactions we had.

(On attending workshop conducted for BMA (Business Management Association) on Aug 7, 2015)

Dr. Suhas J Rao
(Corporate, Retail, Hospitality &Soft Skills Trainer & Academician)