Approach to Corporate Training: Pitching, Proposing and Closing

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Approach to Corporate Training: Pitching, Proposing and Closing

Suunil Kini conducted a day long session for graduating Image Consultants and Soft skill trainers.

The session titled: Approach to Corporate Training-Pitching, Proposing & Closing

This was his 7th session  on the topic

The session coverage:

Importance of having corporate training in the bouquet of services of the Trainer

How to get started, requisites of a good corporate trainer, finding one’s niche, various methods of sourcing, preparation of a proposal including pricing, content preparation, tips of preparing a power point presentation, delivering the presentation, handling difficult questions, dealing with tough/indifferent participants, , effective use of body language, tone and nurturing corporate relationships.


The session ended with this tag line

People do not care how much you know

People want to know how much you care about the participants and keep them engaged

Corporate Trainers have a great task on hand to deliver better, not only with mastery of the subject, but a lot of additional skills required to stay afloat as a Great Corporate Trainer/Speaker.

A very receptive participant group. The participants found it INTERESTING, ENGAGING & USEFUL

Thank you ICBI for providing this opportunity.


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Way to Corporate Growth

Suunil Kini  conducted a workshop for a large group of Trainee Managers, who are on the verge of stepping into the corporate world.

This was Suunil’s 33rd workshop with the large financial services conglomerate.

The workshop was titled “Self Presentation for Superior Perception Management – Way to Corporate Growth” and covered the following topics: Effective personal brand building by creating the right impressions, communication techniques for customer delight, among others.
The session included role plays, demos, communication exercises and videos.
The session ended with a tag line viz. ‘Build professional visual credibility and the road to success is just around the corner’.




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Presenting the Right Image

Suunil Kini conducted a training programme for a large group of Company Secretaries. This was the 10th programme conducted for the institution. The group comprised recently qualified Company Secretaries. The programme was titled ‘Develop your Personality by presenting the Right Image‘.

The session covered discussions on the challenges which the Company Secretary would face while making a foray into the Professional world. The Importance of Looking the role, Rapport building and effective communication techniques, Business etiquette for greater perceived value and appropriate body language for confidence building were covered. The session included exercises on Listening & Communication skills coupled with videos and demos of Professional etiquette and handshakes.

The session ended with a quote “Master your self Image and kick start your career”.




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Professional Skills Development for Company Secretaries

Suunil Kini conducted a day-long session for students of India’s leading Institute for Company Secretaries. The participants included those who have passed the Executive Examination of Company Secretaries. This was a part of their Professional Skills Development Academic Program.

The coverage included: “Writing Skills- Business Writing skills, Press communique, inter-office communication, Email etiquette, Business letters, Agenda and Minutes- proof reading & editing” and how these skills could enhance the Professional Image of a Practicing Company Secretary.

It also included exercises on Listening & Communication skills, coupled with videos on Email etiquette, Proof reading and editing of Press releases. The group was energetic and appreciative.





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Collaborate for Growth : Another step ahead!

At Image Gurukul it is our constant endeavour to learn and grow. We are very excited to take a step forward by collaborating with professionals who can bring in a fresh view in this direction. We are pleased to announce our association with Ms.Nikita Shah.

Nikita is a certified Soft Skills Trainer from the Image Consulting Business Institute. She is based in Ahmedabad.


Nikita is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 5 years of post-qualification experience having worked in organizations like Deloitte/KPMG and a tax advisory firm DHRUVA.

Nikita is also the Secretary of Ahmedabad chapter of IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association). She has conducted several training programmes for MNCs, SMEs, MSMEs, Professional firms, Startups for all levels of Employees, including Leadership and Management personnel.

Her workshops comprise sessions on Verbal & Written Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Customer Service, Change Management, Body Language and Art of creating a Good First Impression!

It is her passion to help people overcome their ingrained fears and build in them confidence to undertake their roles in any field, in a better way.

We at Image Gurukul are privileged to be associated with her. She will collaborate with Image Gurukul both in business development and  conduct of programmes in Ahmedabad.

We wish Nikita a long and mutually satisfying relation with Image Gurukul. 


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Winning Impressions for Professional Success

Suunil Kini conducted a programme for a large group of Company secretaries. This was the 7th programme conducted for the institution. The group comprised recently qualified Company secretaries, making an entry into the professional world.
The programme was titled ‘Winning Impressions for Professional Success’, and covered discussions on the challenges which the Company Secretaries would typically face while making a foray into the Professional arena. The Importance of Looking the role, Presenting the Right Image and Creating an Impact was focused on.
Special emphasis was also given to Professional Etiquette, Body Language to build confidence and Building ‘Brand You’. The session included exercises on Listening & Communication skills coupled with videos and demos. The session ended with a quote “There is no job or role that does not require managing your Image”. 


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Skill Development Initiative by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Suunil Kini was one of the Jury members in respect of Presentations made by Company secretaries as a part of the Skill Development Initiative by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

The 3 Member jury comprised two Senior Company Secretaries who evaluated the presenters on the domain knowledge and evaluation of Presentation skills albeit-Body Language, Postures & Gestures, Voice modulation, Expressions and Eye Contact was done by Suunil Kini

An interesting and involving session.jury




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Celebrating Women’s Day-2018

Womens day 2018 website upload

We at Image Gurukul firmly believe that each day is Women’s Day. Thus we have designated each day of March 2018 as devoted to activity towards Women’s Day.

To make March 2018 special, we have designed a special 3 hour workshop that can bring a smile of recognition as it covers things close to all women’s hearts and helps addressing items that can often get left behind due to the pulls & pressure of the workplace.

Know more about our  Women’s Day workshops all through March 2018.

Write / Call us to know more about this program / 9820087225   /  9833923278 / 9867732201

A few snippets of some of our Women-Oriented workshops

Build Brand You for Self-Fulfillment

Shattering the glass ceiling by presenting the Right Image

Dress to Impress – Women Power

Women’s Day Event – Part 2