Look the part – Role Ready

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Look the part – Role Ready

Suunil Kini conducted a workshop at Bankers Training College for Officers of a Public Sector Bank. The participants were from across India. This was part of the Skills Development series for Officers who have moved up the cadre becoming Executive Officers functioning as Executive Assistants to support CEO/Business Head, Functional Head and assigned the task to make decisions that affect the Bank.

The workshop was titled ‘Role Ready’ and involved discussing the working style of their superiors, adapting to the style, anticipating their needs, defining responsibilities and taking initiative when warranted. It also covered adjusting to a role change from an employee to becoming the eyes and ears of their superior.

Understanding the responsibilities of their new role and taking competent decisions were part of the session.The session ended with a tag line “You need to look the part to feel the part and then you become the part”. Here are a few visuals.





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