Do you want to achieve your dreams?
Do you want people to form a positive perception about you?

In other words, do you want to improve your life and at times are unwilling or unsure how to go about it.

The need to improve your life can be achieved by improving yourself-presentation, others perceptions about you and the impressions you create on others which results into professional and personal success.

Success is all about two things happening together.

“Getting a chance to do something
Performing when you get a chance”

PERFORMING when you get a chance depends upon your qualifications, skills and experience but getting a chance depends upon how well you create an impactful and influencing impression by presenting the RIGHT IMAGE. Image matters! People make judgments and assumptions based on limited information. It is therefore essential to create a powerful First Impression to be successful in Personal, Professional and Social life.Your image is essentially your message, your communication to the world and is primarily visual and hence it is important to understand the science & art of creating a lasting impact. Image Gurukul offers solutions in the form of ONE ON ONE COACHING to enable you to project an Image, which is Appropriate, Attractive, Authentic & Affordable.

In this format, we provide an elaborate personal Image coaching solution that starts first with capturing complete information about the client to enable an image evaluation.

Does your Image convey your professional & personal best?
‘People’ & ‘Diamonds’ have real market value once polished!

Invest in your image that gives you the competitive edge when it matters!

Before finding a solution to any problem it is important to identify the problem. This intervention involves understanding the current status of the individual in terms of Image Management and then identifying the areas to work upon.It is a diagnostic tool for identifying the areas of improvement for enhancement in the Image of the individual.It is expected that the individual / client is totally honest so that the diagnosis are accurate and complete.


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In today’s competitive professional world, it is essential to look the part. Many times even the most deserving candidate does not get the position because he/she does not “look the role”. Looking the role is of vital importance. This clinic guides the individual to understand the language of appearance and its appropriateness.


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Looking attractive and appropriate is the need of every individual. It is not about what you wear but how you wear the clothes. Understanding your body shape and using countering or repeating techniques to manage body variations is important.

This clinic helps evaluate your body shape and equip you to dress by applying principles of design to suit your body shape. We help you emphasize your best and downplay your figure variations.


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Color plays an important role in your Image. One has to be in harmony in color.This clinic will evaluate your personal color, color of eyes, hair and then accordingly recommend the appropriate color for your clothing & accessories that will enhance your personality.


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While it is important to be appropriate in your roles and goals, it is equally important to project the Image that is the real you. Each individual has a personal style and this clinic evaluates your personal style and accordingly recommends how to project the right Image.Educating how a few pieces of clothing can effectively be coordinated for every occasion. Maximize the value of money spent on your wardrobe and accessories while saving time and energy on deciding what to wear.


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All of us have wardrobe orphans. Evaluate your existing wardrobe –Discard clothes and accessories that do not work for you –Plan for the right kind of clothes and accessories.Streamline and personalize your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. Based on the wardrobe evaluation, the individual is advised what clothes to be discarded and what needs to be bought using the concept of cluster to get more variety with lesser expenses.


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Primarily for women, this clinic includes personal grooming, skin care, hygiene and corrective makeup as per your face shape.

Image-makers and breakers are covered and tips on makeup are given.


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A guided smart shopping experience on what is right for you.

Our shopping expert will accompany you, to the right outlets for that perfect shopping experience.



We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

Some of our individual clients include Financial Consultants, Engineers, Solicitors, Pedigree Analyst, Students and Homemakers.

“Create an Impressive, Impactful and Influencing First Impression”

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<b>Image Scope with a Client</b>

Image Scope with a Client