People are critical to the success of any organization, irrespective of their place in the organizational hierarchy,they set/influence the professional standards & culture in the organization. Through their interaction & conduct both within and outside the organization they create Impressions; Perceptions and Opinions.

The manner in which one appears directly translates to the impression formed and the way one feels about himself/herself. This strongly influences the perception created about oneself & the organization one belongs to.
Presenting the “Right Image” becomes very important since they are the Brand Ambassadors of their organization.

The way employees appear is the way they feel about themselves and about the organization they represent. Employees need to present the Right Image.

Image has an undeniable impact on the company’s success. It is essential for all professionals to be aware of the Science & Art of managing their Image/Appearance. We work with professionals and organizations to create the competitive edge through our offerings and assist the process of grooming talent and getting people Confident and Image Ready.

Some of our most requested corporate workshops are:


Employees are the emissaries of the organization they represent and the appropriateness of their image is vital for the organization.
The Professional Image Sessions cover all aspects that assist in instilling the importance of presenting the Right Image and how to do it correctly.

1. Corporate Impression Management
Importance of presenting the right image and creating an impactful impression using the resources available with the individual. Look the role: aligning your IMAGE befitting the role and position in the organization

2. Enhancing Professional Effectiveness
A practical business survival guide for business executives, managers, sales professionals, front line staff and customer service teams.

3. Workplace Protocol and Business Decorum
Workplace protocol is the blueprint to impress & influence your internal & external prospects. We help your employees attain contemporary business decorum and also  achieve a respectful, harmonious and assertive business relationship at the workplace.

4. Customer Service, Interpersonal & Communications skills
The objective of an organization is to fulfill the needs of its customers. This program will show how one can establish a customer-first mind-set. One will learn how to provide outstanding service to your Customers so that they will want to come back to you and in the process bring other customers along as well.

5. Campus to Corporate – Meeting Expectations
How do you make a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate? Easier said than done. A whole new world with a myriad of challenges await you. In this session we lay special emphasis on getting you ready to take on your new responsibilities, to interact professionally with your co-workers and maintain protocol with your seniors. We invite industry experts to share their perspective of corporate Success and Expectations from a graduate.

6. Developing Presence
Learn how to create a Personal impact with the help of your personal resources-Power Dressing.When a leader with executive presence speaks, people pay attention, feel inspired and moved to act.Can these skills be taught? The good news is yes!

7. Business Casual-The Smart Way
It is not dressing down but dressing right. Friday dressing never looked better, learn how to put together a relaxed yet smart look for that office meeting or cocktail dinners.

8. GEN “Y”-The Right Image
Recognizing the importance of social grace and proper conduct is one of the most encouraging direction for the youth. When social grace becomes your second nature, it increases the sense of self-awareness, poise, self-confidence and respect for others.

9. The Etiquette Sessions
Learn the nuances to achieve a polished, professional and personal Image. Impress your family, friends and colleagues with your impeccable manners. Like the old saying, “Good Manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Clarence Thomas”

i. Gen”Y”Social Etiquette
Kick-start with an impressive personality and smooth out from the pack. We prepare you ahead of your life and equip you with confidence.

ii. Grooming-Your Way to Success

  • Understand Grooming (Men & Women)

  • The Grooming-Personality connect


  • Enhancing Your Image & Creating an Impactful Presence

  • Corporate Image & Business Etiquette

  • Dress for Success

  • Corporate Grooming for Ladies & Gents

  • Personal Branding for Corporate Success

  • Powering Your Image for Workplace Success

  • Professional Etiquette in Today’s Business World

  • Understanding & Using Body Language Effectively

  • Shine in Customer Service




The Diversity sessions conceptualized & facilitated by Ms. Anooba Kini are short modules and are an effective series that brings to fore the importance of gender diversity at workplace. These sessions are filled with real life experiences in the Corporate world and tips to help enrich the lives of working women.

  • Creating your personal Vision Board

  • Managing yourself in a sensitive work situations

  • Motherhood and its Impact on Work

  • Mentoring for Success

  • Sensitization workshops for People Managers

Know more about our Diversity sessions; contact us today

PREMIUM WORKSHOPS (5-10 persons)

For Organizations and industry to meet precise requirements and learning objectives. Workshops and sessions for small on any topic can be customised, gender specific or mixed group specific. Useful for Functional teams/Departments.

What is so special about these workshops?
This is a personalized workshop specially designed for people:

  • Who want individual attention

  • Personal advice to improve their skills in personal grooming, make-up & skin care skills, dressing style, social & business etiquette.

  • Personal branding that helps to enhance self-confidence and build an image that can be projected in Professional, Social & Personal settings.

A hands-on and highly practical workshop.

Some of our Small Group Workshop are:

1. The Gentlemen’s Style
2. Friday Dressing for Men/Women
3. Gentlemen’s guide to grooming & accessories
4. Make-up and Grooming for women
5. Appropriate dressing as per Body Shape
6. Etiquette Ready


Our programmes are customized to suit the needs of the organization. We have conducted programs for client organizations in the IT, Financial Services, Software, Airline Passenger Service, Retail & Travel sectors.

CORPORATE IMAGE RETAINER: A service that a company can avail by retaining us and periodically utilize our services through interim workshops and ongoing follow up coaching. As a retainer, we also impart random quality checks to maintain consistency in standards of the employees for their visual appearance, in addition to this; solutions are provided on brand image including Dress code, Employee policy & packages, etc.

Companies would be able to manage their image well through Impressive employees and will see the following benefits.

  • Premium Positioning

  • Premium Pricing

  • Larger Market Share

  • Favorable Media Coverage

  • Higher Returns For Investors

  • Attracting Best Talent & Retention

  • Lower Attrition Costs

  • Preferred Buyer-Vendor Equation

  • Overall Brand enhancement

We at Image Gurukul assist companies in developing talent and enhancing growth prospects of employees

Our programmes are modular in nature and customized strictly on the basis on the Training Need Analysis (TNA) received from the Corporate.

We have 2 hour, 4 hour ,Half Day and Day programmes.

We also take Speaker sessions to complement panel discussions or Employee awareness meets.

We provide complete knowledge and guidelines to create the right impact for each programme.Our sessions are interactive supplemented by demonstrations, videos, quizzes and Q&A. Your employees are your company get them ready and prepare them for success & growth


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