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Image Management for Senior Professionals – Building an Impactful Personal Brand

Contemporary business is all about “Branding”, “Packaging” & “Marketing” the products and services in a refined and eye-catching manner. How an organisation presents it products and services becomes the key to customer delight and satisfaction.

Organisations spend millions in their Marketing budget to present their offerings in a visually appealing manner. You could be the market leader in your product or service, but to attain this leadership position, the Chief Protagonist is the employee who sometimes gets relegated to the background. Ultimately what differentiates a successful organisation is its PEOPLE. They are the driving force behind the growth and success of the organisation.

Hence it becomes the prime responsibility of the organisation to nurture its employees, motivate them and equip them with the necessary skills and ability to propel the organisation to greater heights.

Investing in building the Image of your High Potential /Senior employees particularly those in Leadership Roles or aspiring for Leadership roles is as important as your Marketing Strategies.

Organisations need to help employees present a professional image and put their best foot forward. This not only helps them grow professionally but also brings credibility to the role and position they hold.

After all, they are heading functions/projects/teams/initiatives and inevitably are the “face” of the organization. Heads of various functions/departments like Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Administration or any other support function/role, who are integral to the growth of the organization also need to present the right image

“Their image becomes synonymous with that of the organization. Are you confident that your employees are putting their Best Image forward?”

Is the visual presentation of your employees’ in-sync with your company’s brand positioning and quality of your offerings? Do your employees in critical positions LOOK THE ROLE? Do they present that PERSONA when they enter the room/meeting?

Image Gurukul has had the privilege of working with Senior Professionals in the IT/Finance/Banking /Financial services and assist them in developing a “Personal Presence” or “Power Persona” aligned to their roles/positions.

Here are some of the ways we can work with your company, organization or team to help employees develop these skills:

1. Sharing the “4 A Model”

2. Addressing the Trifecta of Personnel Presence

3. Look Professionally Correct

4. Communicate with Confidence (Verbal& Non-verbal)

5. Appearance Management

6. Create a Personal Impact

7. Image Packaging for Aspiring Leaders

8. Interpretation of the Dress code: Business formals/ Business casual

9. Professional decorum for organization delight.

10. Understanding and Implementing POWER DRESSING

We can assist you in Enhancing the image of your employees so that the impression they create is not only impactful but also influencing.

Get in touch with us for more details or our customised programs to suit your organisational requirement:  +91 9820087225 or  + 91 9867732201


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Summer style ideas for men

Indian wear for men, waistcoat for men, Colour blocking, complementary colours, colour wheel, linen for summer, Indian summer clothes for men, style for men above 40

Pair an orange waistcoat with a crisp blue shirt for that statement summer style.

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Happy women's day

Happy Women’s Day – From the MD’s desk.

Women are the catalyst of our societal change. A multi-faceted personality and an epitome of tenacity, grace & splendor. Every woman is beautiful and needs to be admired & respected.

Image Gurukul salutes the indomitable spirit of womanhood. 

“At Image Gurukul it’s women’s day… every day.”

Our team is a testimony of what we stand for. Image Gurukul has a formidable team of talented and accomplished women energizing the company in achieving desired results. It is a melting pot of several talented women each contributing their best towards the growth of the organization

Kudos to the wonderful women who make Image Gurukul an amazing and delightful organization


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Go pink in style …this women’s day

So you have a Women’s-day event at work and pink is the dress code for the day……how do you participate in the revelry looking every bit a professional with style and not a little school girl wearing pink for a birthday party?

Image Gurukul brings you some tips to wear pink that suits every age (quite evident with our team) and every role yet looking sharp and professional.

Solid pink blouse with grey scarf

Pair a solid pink blouse with a grey scarf

Anooba keeps it simple and classic with white trousers, pink georgette blouse, white sandals & a grey printed scarf. Very elegant for a person in a leadership role.

If you prefer Indian wear, try a kurta/tunic with a palazzo combination. Meena is wearing a light pink chickan kurta with white palazzo and beige sandals.

Indian wear in pink and white, chickan kurta and palazzo

Indian wear in pink and white, chickan kurta and palazzo

If you are in the creative field like Lataa, keep your outfit simple but play along with your accessories.
Lataa is wearing a magenta pink 3/4 sleeve formal shirt, white cropped chinos, nude-colored wedges and a statement necklace.

Solid pink formal shirt and white cropped trousers with a statement necklace

Solid pink formal shirt and white cropped trousers with a statement necklace


If your style is laid-back, but not your job, try meeting mid-way like Flavia. She is wearing a pink cardigan, black wide leg trousers, black wedges and a long chain.

pink cardigan with black wide legged trousers

Flavia in pink cardigan with black wide legged trousers


Complete your look with light make-up to compliment the outfit…but remember “do not go overboard”. You can wear neutral colors too and add subtle accessories (scarves/neck-pieces) in pink to accentuate your look.

Not to leave the men far behind; some tips for men wanting to sport pink on this day. Suunil is wearing a light pink linen shirt, beige trousers (you can wear khaki chinos as well), paired with a waistcoat and oxford shoes….Sunglasses optional.

Suunil in light pink linen shirt with waistcoat & oxford shoes

Suunil in light pink linen shirt with waistcoat

So what shade of pink are you going to wear? Go pink in style and have a fabulous Women’s day!

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International Women’s Day

Every day is Women’s day at Image Gurukul.

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Image Gurukul. Look out for our special features for women throughout this month – March 2016.

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Vision for 2016

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you do not have to be pushed, the VISION pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

2015 has been nothing short of exciting, enriching and rewarding. A year of many firsts and new experiences. We revamped our website making it more informative and also a visual delight, welcomed new associates; Lataa Seth & Meena Jagtiani, reached a milestone of 100 workshops, conducted sessions for an entire organisation & its subsidiaries of more than 500 employees and so much more.

It was not a smooth ride. We did encounter a lot of speed breakers and barricades which left us enriched with experience on what not to do. There were months with little or no activity but there was never a moment of doubt about our products and capability. Instead we took this time out to learn, bring in new ideas and creative inputs to our work.

Our humble journey began with individual consulting and progressed towards trainingWe have in our journey so far:

  • Trained over 3000 students from the Business schools
  • Conducted 100 workshops between Business schools and Corporates
  • Completed 40 Individual Consulting assignments
  • Our first open workshop ANOKHEE which was a huge success.


It gives me a great sense of achievement and pride to say that as a team we have been able to do some really amazing things. I take this opportunity to thank all our team members: Flavia Vaz, Anooba Kini, Anita Sahoo, Lataa Seth & Meena Jagtiani for their unstinted support and co-operation in helping Image Gurukul achieve this.

I am also thankful to Image Consultants, Ektaa Rupani and Sonia Dubey for their association in Image Gurukul workshops.

A special thanks to Image Consulting Business Institute-(ICBI)Rakesh and Suman Agarwal for their continued support and guidance in helping Image Gurukul reach this landmark.

In every meeting with Rakesh I came away with several key takeaways, which I effectively used both in my training; consulting and in formulating the strategy for Image Gurukul’s growth.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our clients in the Corporate world; Business schools & Individuals for reposing their faith and giving us an opportunity to serve them. We would be failing in our duty if we did not mention the staff of ICBI who have always made themselves available for any support or assistance required by Team Image Gurukul.

So have we achieved everything that we set out to? An open road awaits and there are so many more new aspects of Image consulting & Training that we need to discover. 

 So what next?

“This is the question which comes foremost to my mind. The journey has just begun and we have miles to go. We are now at a threshold and the way ahead becomes even more challenging, making it imperative to constantly reinvent & stay relevant, to be successful.”


Image Gurukul is committed to being relevant and in providing top of class service to all its clients; Business schools, Corporates and Individuals.We are constantly working towards CUSTOMER DELIGHT by focusing on creating VALUE FOR CUSTOMER IN OUR OFFERINGS.

My passion for Image Consulting has been unfailing and we as an organisation will work with greater vigour and passion to continue this journey.

In our endeavour to build an organisation, we are always looking at accomplished professionals/partners (Image Consultants and Trainers) to assist fuelling our growth. Like the good saying goes:

“Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs….” Vaclav Havel.

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Greetings from Team ImageGurukul


Greetings from Image Gurukul

Greetings from Image Gurukul

Light up your Image this Diwali!

To know more read our tips on making a sparkling impression this Festive season.

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Light up your Image this Diwali!

Diwali is all about colour, gaiety, sparkles and everything that  spells JOY & PROSPERITY. Whilst we go all out and burn a hole in our pockets getting our festive look ready, we forget something very crucial that sends an important message that we communicate with our entire demeanour.

“What does your Festive Image speak about you?”

“Read More”



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