Brand You for a Professional Image

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Brand You for a Professional Image

Suunil Kini conducted a programme for a large group of Company Secretaries. This was part of the Management Skills Orientation Program for Company Secretaries entering into the profession. It was the 8th programme conducted for this institution.

The programme was titled “Brand you for developing a Professional Image” and covered discussions on challenges which Company Secretaries usually would face while making a foray into the Professional arena.

The Importance of Looking the role, Presenting the Right Image and Creating an Impact were covered. Special emphasis was given to Professional Etiquette, Body Language to build confidence, Gestures, Postures and Handshakes to enhance Presentation skills.
The session included exercises on Listening & Communication skills coupled with videos and demos. The session ended with a quote: “Image determines how you see yourself & how the world sees you.
Your entire life depends on the clarity, consistency and quality of your Image. When you cultivate this Image strategically, all doors open”.



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