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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things Differently".... Warren Buffet


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Professionalism and Ethics in the Banking Industry

Suunil Kini conducted a session for Assistant General Managers of two PSU Banks as a part of their Leadership conclave. The audience comprised participants from across India. The session was titled “Professionalism and Ethics in the Banking Industry”, and covered discussions on “Attributes of a Professional” & “What Professionalism means at the workplace”, with specific reference to

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The Right Image for Perception Management

Suunil Kini conducted a programme for a large group of Company Secretaries. This was part of their Management Skills Orientation Program. It was the 10th programme conducted for the institution and was titled ” The Right Image for Perception Management”. The session covered discussions on the challenges which Company Secretaries would face while making a foray into

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Leading from the front-Importance of Looking the Role

Suunil Kini conducted his 275th Workshop recently. This workshop was for a group of Bank Branch Managers as a part of their Management Development Program. The managers were from across India belonging to a Public Sector Bank – this incidentally was also the 12th session for this entity. The session was titled “Leading from the front”

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Image Management for professionals in the Travel industry

Suunil Kini  conducted a session at Hyderabad for the Sales Managers/ Cluster Heads of an integrated travel company which offers a range of travel related services. The session was titled “Get noticed get recognized, create an impact”, and covered the importance of presenting the right image and the elements that go in creating personal presence. Tips

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Diwali Greetings

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The Door to your Corporate Career

Glimpses Suunil Kini‘s workshop for a large group of Trainee Managers, belonging to a large financial services conglomerate. The workshop was titled ‘Present a Professional Image – The Door to your Corporate Career’. It covered the Importance of Self Image as an Important Communication Tool, Body Language formulas to create lasting impressions, Appropriate dressing in the

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